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Hey everyone!! We are back in the studio recording guitars!!!! It’s been a pretty long week trying to get things in order, but we are back on our game!! Stay tuned for more updates!!


Slappa Da Bass!!

It’s about 9pm on Thursday and we are starting bass!! We’ve finished drums for the most part, other than a few tweaks here and there, and the outcome is already better than we anticipated. Stay tuned for more updates, pictures and videos!!


New Update!!!

Check out our new update video! We wanted to have a little fun in between our recording and editing session!! :)


Day 2 in the studio!!!

I can’t begin to express how much respect I have for our producer, Doug Allen. We’ve only recorded the drums and his meticulousness leaves me in awe.


The Parade is in the studio!!

We are in the studio!! We’ve been working very hard writing this new album and now it’s time for us to share what we’ve been working on! Please stay tuned for new music, updates, videos, pictures, contests & more! We love you!

-The Parade



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